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If you have never heard of Medplum Bots, we encourage you to read the intro material in the Bot Guide.

Medplum bots are functions that execute when triggered. They are similar to AWS Lambda functions, and in Medplum we make them easy to write and deploy and trigger with FHIR Subscriptions. For the purpose of the tutorials found in this section, it's important to understand that Bots drive many of the major integrations that you see in Medplum.

The following tutorials will walk through some of the use cases for Bots, to give you a sense of how they can work for you.

Consume event data or webhooks from other platforms

  1. Integrating Logistics (3PL) into your EHR
  2. Consuming HL7 Feeds and Converting to FHIR
  3. Coming Soon: Consuming Lab Results from a lab instrument or LIS

Export data to other systems

  1. Coming Soon: Exporting data to a billing service
  2. Exporting a PDF Report for human consumption
  3. File Uploads

Drive workflow

  1. Checking Insurance Eligibility for a specific medical service
  2. Coming Soon: Order Medication through an Online Pharmacy
  3. Creating and FHIR Objects on Questionnaire submissions
  4. Coming Soon: Send email notifications when critical lab values are received

Ensure correctness

  1. Coming Soon: Verifying that all Lab Results are present on a DiagnosticReport before sending it for physician review

If you need any of these guides immediately, please contact us at