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Cron Jobs for Bots (Beta)

You can now add a cron job for your bot so it can automatically run from a schedule. This means you can set a repeatable time for the bot to automatically every minute, day, other month, etc.

To add a scheduled timer for your Bot

  • Navigate to your Bots Page
  • Click on the Bot you would like create a Cron Job for
  • Click on the name of the Bot
    • When you click on the Bot's name and open up the page, you should see the url similar to this<botId>
  • Click on the Edit Tab Edit Tab

The Edit Form

In the Edit Form, scroll down to the Cron and choose one of the two ways to create a cron job. One as a UI tool, or a direct Cron format e.g * */3 * * *

Edit Form Page

Click Ok in the bottom of the page, and your bot will be added to the queue.