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As an Medplum customer, you will benefit from the compliance built into the platform. With Medplum, you can improve your ability to meet compliance requirements with our tools and automations.

Compliance is a shared responsibility, and the content in this section will provide you with tools and resources to guide your compliance processes. If you are using Medplum hosted service, you'll take advantage of all of the features built into the platform and the certifications we have pursued. We attempt to make resources publicly available where possible, but in some cases our agreements with partners preclude us from doing so. For access related questions, contact us at

This is a living document, and we continually update our resources. We welcome feedback.

Compliance Resources

Materials and Usage

The materials in this section can be used in multiple contexts, and depend on your objectives. Common use cases are as follows:

  • When engaging a customer or partner, you may need to answer their security questionnaire or vendor qualification process. Materials here can help.
  • When pursuing certification, for example SOC2, or CLIA/CAP Accreditation you may use materials here and submit them as part of your process.
  • To eligible for use in a clinical or research setting, you may need to demonstrate certain capabilities or conformance to market or sell a product.