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React Components

Medplum maintains a library of React components which we use in the Medplum app and are open source. We support use of our React component library in third party apps as well.

The best way to get started is to try one of the Medplum example apps:

Or, you can try our full-featured patient demo called Foo Medical.


As the name implies, Medplum React components are built with React. Medplum requires React 18+.

npm i -D react react-dom

Medplum React components are built with Mantine, which is a fantastic library for building functional accessible web applications. Medplum uses Mantine version 7+.

npm i -D @mantine/core @mantine/hooks @mantine/notifications

Medplum and Mantine both use PostCSS for CSS processing. Mantine provides a PostCSS preset for common configuration.

npm i -D postcss postcss-preset-mantine

While not strictly required, Medplum recommends using React Router for client side routing. Medplum uses React Router version 6+.

npm i -D react-router-dom

And then finally you can install Medplum React components:

npm i -D @medplum/core @medplum/react

Getting Started

If you are not familiar with Mantine, you may want to start with the Mantine Getting Started guide.

There are a few important steps.

PostCSS Configuration

Create a postcss.config.mjs file in the root of your project:

import mantinePreset from 'postcss-preset-mantine';
import simpleVars from 'postcss-simple-vars';

const config = {
plugins: [
variables: {
'mantine-breakpoint-xs': '36em',
'mantine-breakpoint-sm': '48em',
'mantine-breakpoint-md': '62em',
'mantine-breakpoint-lg': '75em',
'mantine-breakpoint-xl': '88em',

export default config;

Mantine Imports

Import the Mantine CSS styles in your index.tsx file:

import '@mantine/core/styles.css';

Wrap your application with the MantineProvider component:

import { createTheme, MantineProvider } from '@mantine/core';

const theme = createTheme({
/** Put your mantine theme override here */

function Demo() {
return (
<MantineProvider theme={theme}>
<App />

Simple Example

import { MantineProvider, createTheme } from '@mantine/core';
import '@mantine/core/styles.css';
import { MedplumClient } from '@medplum/core';
import { MedplumProvider } from '@medplum/react';
import '@medplum/react/styles.css';
import { StrictMode } from 'react';
import { createRoot } from 'react-dom/client';
import { BrowserRouter } from 'react-router-dom';
import { App } from './App';

const medplum = new MedplumClient({
onUnauthenticated: () => (window.location.href = '/'),

const theme = createTheme({
headings: {
sizes: {
h1: {
fontSize: '1.125rem',
fontWeight: '500',
lineHeight: '2.0',
fontSizes: {
xs: '0.6875rem',
sm: '0.875rem',
md: '0.875rem',
lg: '1.0rem',
xl: '1.125rem',

const container = document.getElementById('root') as HTMLDivElement;
const root = createRoot(container);
<MedplumProvider medplum={medplum}>
<MantineProvider theme={theme}>
<App />