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Contributing to Medplum

Medplum is an open-source project, and we love both code and non-code contributions! People with any level of experience can make an important impact on the project: you don't need to be a professional developer! You might have just:

  • Ten minutes to write a GitHub issue describing a bug you found or request for a feature you could use
  • One hour to learn and participate in one of our webinars
  • Four hours to author a case study showcasing how you've used Medplum

This section provides instructions on how to get started contributing to the Medplum project. If you're looking to use Medplum, check out the App or API docs instead.

Join our online community

We have several online venues where Medplum community members and team members convene, offering various ways to get involved with the project:

  1. Star the Medplum Github repository
  2. Join our Discord channel - and introduce yourself
  3. Subscribe to Medplum on LinkedIn
  4. Follow Medplum on Twitter
  5. Subscribe to our Youtube channel

Spread the word and participate

Help us reach and engage people passionate about building amazing healthcare solutions!

  1. Let us know your thoughts on Github Discussions
  2. Share our blog posts
  3. Share code, posts, videos or other content in relevant online forums for example, /r/healthIT, /r/selfhosted, or Hacker News
  4. Write content for your own blog or website, and tell us about it

Making a contribution

There are several ways to make your first contribution to the Medplum project! The following instructions should help you get started.

Reporting a bug or discussing a feature idea

If you found a technical bug on Medplum or have ideas for features we should implement, the GitHub issue tracker is the best place to share your ideas. Open a new issue describing the changes you'd like to see, and one of our team members will respond.

Writing documentation or blog content

Did you learn how to do something using Medplum but it wasn't obvious on first try? Please contribute to our documentation!

Our documentation is hosted on, but it is built from Markdown files that live in our Github repository.

For relatively small changes, you can edit files directly from your web browser on without needing to clone the repository.

Fixing a bug or implementing a new feature

If you find a bug on Medplum and open a GitHub Pull Request that fixes it, we'll review it as soon as possible.

Before starting implementation of a new feature, open an issue first to discuss your plans and to ensure it fits into our roadmap and plans for the app. If for some reason we don't accept your PR, you're welcome to fork our repository and implement it in your own version.

Ready to get started writing code? First things first, you need to clone the Medplum repository.

Legal Note

By submitting content to this project, you agree to adopt the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) for your contributions.

All conversations and communities on Medplum are expected to follow GitHub's Community Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policies.