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Medplum supports a wide array of use cases. Please look at this section for detailed examples of how to build sophisticated, compliant applications quickly. Though these are written as separate use cases, it is possible, indeed recommended, to have several implementations running off the same Medplum Project.

Medplum EHR

A streamlined EHR that's easy to implement and supports core workflows. Chart efficiently, place orders and schedule with ease. Learn More

Custom EHR

Build a custom EHR to streamline provider workflow. Implement bespoke clinical workflows with high levels of automation and quality assurance. Learn More

Patient Portal

A portal for patients to message their provider, view their records, request medications and refills, schedule appointments and more. Learn More

Provider Portal and FHIR API

Create an intuitive portal for referring physicians and support integrations into their systems via FHIR API. Ensure that referring physicians only see data related to their patients. Learn More

Life Sciences

Build a custom experience for clinical research including schedule of assessments, PRO and ePRO management, records requests, integrations and dashboards. Learn More

LIS/LIMS and Lab Network

Build a custom LIS/LIMS that includes panel management, machine interfacing, quality reporting, dashboards and more. A lab network allows a streamlined experience for ordering lab tests via application or API and handles all of the complex business operations. Learn More


Build an application that supports common pediatric patterns such as parental access, messaging integrations, tasking, educational material and more. Learn More

CMS FHIR for Payors

Quickly comply with CMS 9115 FHIR requirements for payors with easy to implement interfaces and turnkey solution for CARIN Blue Button and DaVinci Implementation Guides. Learn More

Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)

Run and maintain an EMPI including patient identification, data accuracy/risk scoring, EHR/data integrations, and human-in-the-loop merge tooling using the FHIR data model. Learn More

Interoperability Service

Highly customizable internal service that supports integrations that are common in healthcare such as FHIR and Smart-on-FHIR integrations, HL7 connections, SFTP, Lab data, home health integrations, logistics providers and more. Can also be used as a system of record between multiple integrations. Available hosted or self-hosted. Learn More

Remote Patient Monitoring

Build and implement a custom, robust remote patient monitoring program. Read a case study on the topic.

Sidecar Application

Build an application that reads and writes data to common medical records systems such as Epic, Cerner or Athena.

Durable Medical Equipment

Build an application that supports common durable medical equipment workflows such as integration with logistics services, prior auth, records request and payor integration and dashboards.

Population Health

With standards-compliant data, it is possible to build population health reports and tools.

Clinical Decision Support

Build clinical decision support applications that are data driven and in context.