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healthcare dev

Medplum is a headless EHR that makes it easier to build healthcare apps quickly with less code.

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Get Started Fast

Focus on delivering a quality healthcare experience, not on infrastructure.

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Build with Modern Tools

Use modern TypeScript, React, and Node.js to build secure, data driven healthcare applications.

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Streamline Integrations

Store your data in standard-compliant format to simplify integration with healthcare partners.

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git clone
cd medplum-hello-world
npm i
npm run dev

Focus on building apps,
not infrastructure

Medplum's platform provides developers with toolbox
to tame the complexity of healthcare development

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Out of the box security

Medplum's hosted service follows all security best practices, and comes with HIPAA and SOC2 compliance out of the box.

We follow all OWASP security guidelines, and have been verified by multiple penetration tests.

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Open Source

Medplum's core technology is open source(Apache 2.0 license) and freely available in Github, so there is no risk of vendor lock-in.

Medplum also offers a cloud hosted version of its stack for organizations who do not want to store sensitive data themselves.

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Workflow Automation

Healthcare operations involves tracking and managing complex tasks, from clinical procedures to billing and documentation.

Medplum's workflow automation tools allow you to automate your healthcare workflows and streamline your operations.

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Future-proof Data Storage

Healthcare data can be tricky. Medical edge cases are hard to anticipate, and data is fragmented across ecosystem partners.

Medplum stores your data a FHIR-standard format that anticipates these nuances and avoids costly re-writes down the line.

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Healthcare UI Components

Build patient experiences with less code by using Medplum's React Components to build healthcare UIs.

Our un-opinionated components can be styled to match your branding and patient experience.

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Building healthcare services involves partnering with multiple partners, including: payors, providers, clinical labs, logistics providers, etc.

Medplum can share data with ecosystem partners in a variety of formats, including:  FHIR, HL7, CCDA, and SFTP.