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API Docs

Reference documentation about Medplum's client API for reading and writing healthcare data

Use Cases

See how to apply Medplum against your healthcare problem

Basic Concepts

Learn the basic concepts behind Medplum and the FHIR standard for healthcare data

What is Medplum?

Medplum is a developer platform that enables flexible and rapid development of healthcare apps. In consists of the following components:

  1. Medplum Clinical Data Repository (CDR) - This is the the backend server and data store that hosts your healthcare data in a secure, compliant, and standards based repository.
  2. Medplum API - The Medplum CDR also exposes a FHIR-based API for sending, receiving, and manipulating healthcare data. This includes support for binary files like images, videos, and pdfs.
  3. Medplum SDK - This is a set of client libraries that simplify the process of interacting with the Medplum API. Currently, we only offer a Typescript library, but are planning to support more languages in the future. If there's a language you'd like supported, feel free to open a Github Issue.
  4. Medplum App - This is a web application where can you can view your data, perform basic editing tasks. You can also use the Medplum App to manage basic workflows.
  5. UI Component Library - Medplum ships with a system of React components designed to help you quickly develop custom healthcare applications

Getting Started

  • Get started right away, you can register here. If needed, Medplum also supports self-hosting, get the source code on Github.
  • The Basic Concepts page provides a good primer on Medplum and contains important information about the FHIR, the healthcare data standard on which Medplum is built.
  • If you're ready to start coding, use our Quickstart Guide to get up and running
  • Our detailed tutorials go step-by-step through specific use cases. Don't see a tutorial you need? Reach out on our Discord or send us an email at

Common Use Cases

These building blocks enable a large number of potential applications. For example:

  • At home lab testing service, with results reporting via API
  • Telemedicine web and mobile app
  • Population health analysis, clinical research and HEDIS reporting
  • External data warehousing
  • Synthetic data set showcasing for partnership and prototyping
  • Adding a FHIR API to an existing medical application

Stay tuned: we will post detailed implementation guides for all of these scenarios, including sample code.

Key Features

System Overview

The following diagram shows how all of these pieces fit together.

Medplum system overview


  • Contributing - Medplum is open source because we believe that streamlining healthcare is based on transparency and collaboration. If you are interested contributing to Medplum, check out our Contributors page
  • Discord - Join the conversation by checking us out on Discord