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Welcome to Medplum

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Write your first medical application in 5 minutes

API Docs

Reference documentation about Medplum's client API for reading and writing healthcare data

Medplum EHR

A strealined EHR that's easy to implement

Basic Concepts

Learn the basic concepts behind Medplum and the FHIR standard for healthcare data

What is Medplum?

Medplum is a headless EHR. Using Medplum products you can build many types of healthcare applications. The diagram below is a system overview:

Medplum system overview

Getting Started

  • Get started right away, you can register here. If needed, Medplum also supports self-hosting, get the source code on Github.
  • The Basic Concepts page provides a good primer on Medplum and contains important information about the FHIR, the healthcare data standard on which Medplum is built.
  • If you're ready to start coding, use our tutorials to get up and running
  • Our detailed documentations goes step-by-step through specific use cases. Don't see a how-to guide you need? Reach out on our Discord or send us an email at

Reference Material

Medplum is open source, reference material and sample applications are available for browsing unauthenticated.


  • Contributing - Medplum is open source because we believe that streamlining healthcare is based on transparency and collaboration. If you are interested contributing to Medplum, check out our Contributors page
  • Discord - Join the conversation by checking us out on Discord
  • Youtube - Our Youtube Channel includes content that aids in app development