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Medplum Tutorials

Welcome to the Medplum tutorials! This section contains various guides on how to use the Medplum platform to rapidly develop compliant, scalable healthcare apps.

Setting up your environment: The Medplum App section is a good place to learn about the basics of setting up a your Medplum Project, registering new users, and manipulating data.

Storing Healthcare Data: If you're looking to learn about the Medplum API for storing and retrieving clinical data, start with the API Basics section.

Building front-end apps: If you're building front-end healthcare apps for patients or providers, take a a look our UI Component Tutorials.

Security: Medplum offers a number of security features that app builders need, including OAuth2 endpoints, and Access Controls. The Authentication & Security section has more details.

Integrations & Workflow Automation: The Medplum Bots section covers how developers can use Medplum's offers developer-friendly tools to automate complex medical workflows and integrate with 3rd-party services.

Self-Hosting: By default, Medplum's cloud-based service provides each customer with isolated, cost-effective environments for their data. If your application requires you to host your own infrastructure, you can refer to the Self-Hosting tutorials on how to set up your own infrastructure.