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At Medplum, our goal is to help you build a healthcare application quickly, easily and compliantly. Medplum infrastructure is open source and enables the features seen below. We have sample patient portal Foo Medical and Provider Application that can give you a sense of the experiences that can be built on the Medplum platform.

↔ Integration and Interoperability Engine​

Build unlimited interfaces and integrate the advanced capabilities best suited to your needs, enable your organization to optimize interoperability. Connect healthcare system and non-healthcare related services. This is the most popular feature of Medplum. Learn More

πŸ“ Questionnaires​

Create custom forms, surveys, and questionnaires quickly to enable engagement, assessment, patient onboarding, provider workflow and retention. Learn More

πŸ“† Scheduling​

Publish scheduling pages customized to practitioners or locations. Patients can self-schedule and change their appointments, designed with pre-built components or fully customizable by API. Learn More

πŸ“₯ Communications and Messaging​

Drive engagement with integrated chat, reminders and messaging, right from your practitioner portal. Easily integrate SMS, custom messaging and automations. Learn More

βž• Care Plans​

Build or import your care plans and customize them to patient needs. Track patient outcomes and build powerful automations. Learn More

πŸ’Š Medications​

Track patient prescription medications and refills. Connect to common e-Prescribe services, or track in-house fulfillment. Learn More

πŸ“” Charting​

Summarize a patient’s past and current medical history, in a unified and intuitive patient chart. Build an experience to capture, manage, and refer to notes quickly and share charts securely. Learn More

πŸ’΅ Billing and Payments​

Send data to your billing provider of choice. Easily connect to physician groups or bill through multiply professional corporations. Learn More

βš™οΈ Automation through Bots​

Build automations that will scale with your organization. Automatically route messages, remind patients, instantiate care plans, ensure correctness, and more. Learn More

πŸ“ˆ Analytics and Dashboards​

Dashboards and analytics are at the heart of great clinical workflow. Build a custom dashboard that drives quality and speed, and troubleshoot with advanced analytics. Learn More

Medplum App​

Medplum app is an administrative tool designed for developers to browse, troubleshoot and edit data and bots. Learn more

Authentication and Authorization​

Build your app just the way you want it. Use our Smart-on-FHIR authentication and authorization service, use Google auth, SAML or bring your own. Learn More

FHIR Datastore and API​

Store your data in FHIR, and allow access through a FHIR API. Partition data with access policies to ensure parties only see the data they need to. Learn More


Subscriptions are event-driven notifications, like webhooks, are are commonly used for integrations and automations. Medplum supports subscribing to changes on FHIR resources. Learn More

React UI Components​

Build apps quickly with a ready to integrate react component library. Enable a custom experience for both customers and patients. Learn More

Enable complex search queries in app or via API. Enable time-aware searches common in healthcare scenarios, such as finding all records that were produced during a specific period. Learn More

Self-Hosting and Open Source​

Deploy your application in your own private cloud, or use our hosted option. Audit ready code you can trust in your environment. Learn More

Auditing and Logging​

Audit activity through built in audit trails and logs, or connect your enterprise observability suite.


HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We provide in-depth guides, content and code to drive industry and domain specific compliance programs like ONC, CLIA/CAP certification and more. Learn More