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Bot Secrets


One of the use cases for Bots is to connect to 3rd-party APIs, which often involves using sensitive data, such as API keys. To avoid hard-coding these keys, Medplum provides the ability to store secrets in your Project.

The advantage of handling secrets this way is:

  • It avoids leaking keys to unauthorized users
  • You can use different keys for in different projects. For example, you might have a "development" project to prototype your integration, and a "production" that serves your customers.

Saving Secrets

Secrets are stored on a per-project basis, and you must be a project administrator to edit secrets.

  1. Go to the Project Admin page (either by clicking "Project" on the left sidebar, or navigating to
  2. Click on the "Secrets" tab
  3. Click "Add" to add your new secret. Secrets can have type string, number, or boolean.

Secrets Tab

Using Secrets in Your Bot

Secrets can be accessed from the event.secret property, which contains an map from the secret name to the ProjectSecret object. See here for more details about event.secret

import { BotEvent, MedplumClient } from '@medplum/core';
export async function handler(medplum: MedplumClient, event: BotEvent): Promise<any> {
// Print one secret
console.log(`Secret: ${event.secrets['MY_API_KEY'].valueString}`);
return true;

// Output: 'Secret: 123456'