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Medplum supports the Bulk FHIR API 2.0.0. The Bulk FHIR API uses Backend Services Authorization.

The premise of the Bulk FHIR API is that it allows you to create a bulk export of data for multiple patients. To specify which patients need to be included in the export, construct a Group resource and add specific patients as Group.member.entity.

To start the process of exporting the resources GET the following<GROUP_ID>/$export?_outputFormat=ndjson, which will kick off a Bulk Data Export transaction and return links to download URLs for requested resources.

curl -x GET '<GROUP_ID>/$export?_outputFormat=ndjson' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' \

Once the Bulk Data Export is complete, a BulkDataExport resource will become available with links to all of the exports for download.

Resource in Medplum AppUsage in Bulk FHIR
GroupAll patients you want to include must be included as Group.member.entity