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CodeSystem Subsumes

Tests for a linear relationship between two codes in a given CodeSystem, where one code is a direct parent or indirect ancestor of the other.



systemstringThe canonical URL of the code system the codes belong to.No*
versionstringThe version of the code system to search.No
codeAcodeOne of the codes to test.Yes
codeBcodeThe other code to test.Yes

* If no system is specified, the operation must be invoked on a specific CodeSystem instance by ID.


The operation returns a Parameters resource containing the resolved information for the code.

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionRequired
outcomecodeA code describing the relationship between codeA and codeB (see below)Yes

The possible outcome values are:

equivalentThe two codes are the same, or mean the same thing
subsumesCode A is the more general parent of more specific code B
subsumed-byCode A is the more specific child of more general code B
not-subsumedCodes A and B are not directly related


To check whether SNOMED code 364075005 (Heart rate) is a descendant code of 363787002 (Observable entity):

curl '$subsumes' \
--get \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $MY_ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-d 'system=' \
-d 'codeA=364075005' \
-d 'codeB=363787002'

Response (200 OK):

"resourceType": "Parameters",
"parameter": [
{ "name": "outcome", "valueCode": "subsumed-by" }