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ValueSet Validate Code

Validates whether a specified coding is included in the given ValueSet.



urluriThe canonical URL of the ValueSet to validate againstNo*
codestringThe code to look up.No
systemstringThe canonical URL of the code system the code belongs to.No
codingCodingLook up via full Coding.No
codeableConceptCodeableConceptLook up multiple related codes.No
displaystringAdditionally validate the given display textNo
abstractbooleanWhether codes labeled as abstract should be included. Abstract codes represent broad categories or groupings rather than specific concepts, e.g. "Vital Signs"No

* If no url is provided, the operation must be invoked on a specific ValueSet instance.

Required Parameters

Although no parameters are strictly required by the operation, at least one of the following must be provided:

  • Both code and system parameters (and optionally display)
  • The coding parameter
  • The codeableConcept parameter with at least one contained coding


The operation returns a Parameters resource containing the validation result.

resultbooleanWhether or not any given coding is included in the ValueSetYes
displaystringThe display text of the included codeNo

Error Responses

Example: Specified ValueSet could not be found by URL (400 Bad Request)

"resourceType": "OperationOutcome",
"issue": [
"severity": "error"
"code": "invalid",
"details": {
"text": "ValueSet not found"



const result = await'ValueSet', '$validate-code').toString(), {
resourceType: 'Parameters',
parameter: [
{ name: 'url', valueUri: '' },
{ name: 'coding', valueCoding: { system: '', code: '255604002' } },

Response: (200 OK)

"resourceType": "Parameters",
"parameter": [
{ "name": "result", "valueBoolean": true },
{ "name": "display", "valueString": "Mild (qualifier value)" }