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Provider Portal

Allowing physicians who belong to multiple practices to have access to patient data as needed for care is a common scenario. Medplum provides a starter kit to build a provider portal with a custom experience. Practices and companies consider a custom portal when an off-the-shelf solution has low engagement because it is too confusing or complex for referring physicians or other stakeholders.

Benefits of a Provider Portal

Provider portals can be a great tool for care coordination, partnerships and remote patient monitoring scenarios. Many diagnostics companies and specialists find the provider portal and API useful in care delivery. Some examples:

  • Pediatrics: allow pediatricians to care plans for patients referred to specialists
  • Speciality lab: send notification and secure access to diagnostic reports for referring physicians

Sample Application

The Medplum provider portal sample application is called medplum-hello-world. The source code is available, and it is recommended that you run it locally using sample data to prototype your application.

Foo Medical Provider is intended as a sample, and the experience is truly up to the developer to determine. It is built off of the Medplum API, and is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Detailed compliance information can be found on our compliance page.

Common Features

A provider portal is optimized for the experience of the referring physician and enables better care coordination.


Sending notifications via email, SMS or via integration into tools is a common need for referring provider portals. For example, a referring physician might receive an email when the results of a diagnostic report for a patient are available. Medplum bots support building notifications with custom logic, including deep linking to specific records on the provider portal so that referring physicians can have save time and clicks.

Sophisticated records search helps providers get to clarity on what's needed for patients. Medplum has a powerful search API and search SDK, search input and search results control

Collaboration and Messaging

Commonly, providers want to have a discussion about a specific topic, for example - they might collaborate on a diagnostic report. Medplum supports structured communications using the Communication.about field. Threaded communications are also supported using Communication.inResponseTo. Read more about messaging and communications here.

Care Quality

Great communication and follow ups across specialties and primary care is crucial to care quality in general, and required for many value based care offerings. For example CMS 50 is called "Closing the Referral Loop: Receipt of Specialist Report." A provider portal can help enable this scenario.

Audits and Logging

Because the provider portal is built off of the Medplum backend, it inherits all of the logging and audit infrastructure available on Medplum.

Access Controls

Medplum supports sophisticated access controls, allowing administrators to control physician access to certain FHIR resources, for example only DiagnosticReports, or only specific groups of patients. Learn More

API Access

Giving partner institutions access via API is a common scenario. Medplum supports giving access to a FHIR API, and white labeling it so that it is run off a customer domain.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Scenarios

Commonly in diagnostics and specialty care providers are not part of the same professional corporation due to geographic or institutional restrictions. Data can be routed and tagged for billing using bots.

Case Studies

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