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Communications and Messaging

Communications platform that supports clinical workflows patient messaging a care team, communications regarding a care plan or appointment, sending messages to other EHRs, sending compliant emails, SMS notifications and video conferencing.

Communications Art


The Medplum communications and messaging implementation is a very standards compliant implementation of the FHIR Communication. It has the following features.

  • Communication Records: create a communication on or via API. It has a rich data model and support linking to various actors and other FHIR resources. For example, a Communication can be from a patient and be about an Appointment.
  • SMS and Email: Trigger SMS or emails via the Medplum bots framework. Customize messages and messaging logic to your needs.
  • Documents, images, video and attachments: great support for images, video and attachments. Try for yourself on Foo Medical Messaging.
  • Direct Message to EHR: Send direct messages to EHR Direct Message inboxes.
  • Video and Voice: Synchronize data from common video and voice applications via bots framework.

FHIR Resources

ResourceApp LinkCreate NewAPI Documentation
CommunicationView AllCreate NewAPI
CommunicationRequestView AllCreate NewAPI
AttachmentFHIR DatatypeCreate via APIReference
MediaView AllCreate NewAPI

Demos and Reference Material