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Medplum Year in Review 2023

· One min read
Reshma Khilnani
Medplum Core Team

2023 in Review

As we close out 2023, the Medplum team would love to thank our customers and community for joining us on this journey.

We wanted to highlight a few memorable moments and reflect on all that happened during the year. It was a lot of fun, and huge thank you to the team who pushed so hard to make all these things happen.

✅ Added many wonderful customers, and several have written case studies about how they use Medplum.

ONC Certified in March

✅ 99.999% uptime

✅ Launched integrations with many popular platforms like Labcorp and Epic

✅ Enhanced our connectivity with on premise systems with the Medplum agent

✅ Released support for FHIRcast

✅ Doubled the size of our team

✅ Added to our Youtube Channel and Discord Community

✅ Enhanced our our Roadmap

Thank you, dear reader, for being part of our community. See you on Discord.