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Patient Portal

Build a patient facing application that allows users to view their records, fill out questionnaires, schedule appointments, message their provider, view care plans, manage coverage and more. Medplum provides a starter kit that accelerates development, is easy to customize and will scale with your organization.

Sample Application

The sample application is called Foo Medical. To see the experience you can register here. The source code for the application and how to set it up can be found here.


Foo Medical shows the basics that are very common to medical practices, both in person and virtual care. You will notice that the application is completely white-label and is operating under a single domain.

Onboarding questionnaires and paperwork

Create questionnaires for users, and put them in the app for them to fill out as needed. You can see an example on Foo Medical and read in depth on questionnaires. You can see some sample questionnaires on our storybook.


Patients can schedule their appointments on the app, and you can control which appointments they have access to as an administrator. Read more about scheduling. See scheduling on Foo Medical Scheduling.

Care Plans

It's often useful for patients to be able to see and (if needed) take action on their Care Plan. You can read about care plans. See care plans on Foo Medical Care Plans.

Patient Records

Give patients access to their records and let them input data. You can see an example on Foo Medical Patient Records.


Allow patients to message their provider or care team in a chat-like interface. Read more in communications. See an example on Foo Medical Messages.

Access and Controls

Giving patients access to only their data can be enabled via access controls.

Case Studies

Demos and Reference Material