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Create beautifully connected end-to-end experiences that delight physicians, patients and staff.

  • Medplum's hosted service follows all security best practices, and comes with ¬†HIPAA and SOC2 compliance out of the box. We follow all OWASP security guidelines, and have been verified by multiple penetration tests.
  • As your partner, we build a web application to your specification. We deliver high quality, modern tested source code and can host your application, or you can deploy it on your private cloud.
  • We help digital health companies and providers create bespoke, connected experiences that give customers what they want, when they want it, while providing HIPAA compliance and SOC2 certification.
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Security and Compliance

All data is stored in FHIR, and we allow API access and streamlined payor and partner integrations from day 1. If required, we can enforce Google Authentication. If we host, we can sign a HIPAA BAA and have SOC2 Certification.

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You own the code

We will deliver high quality code to a repository you own. You can self-host your application or we can host for you. We can set up your software development lifecycle, automatic deployment and testing. We can provide training and documentation for your dev team.

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Best for technology companies

We serve companies who value a white-label, highly customized experience. Companies who consider technology a core-competency, and would like to own their intellectual property will be best served. Clients come to us if they want highly automated and scalable business processes are well served by building a custom application.

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Interoperability ready

With a FHIR compliant datastore and robust API support, we enable interoperability. Payors, billing providers and partners often require integrations. Companies who know they want to be interoperable someday or right away benefit from using our services.