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Get data from patients, clinicians, staff and other stakeholders using custom forms. Forms go by many names, questionnaires, surveys, ePRO, and more, but they have the same function: to collect data from a user in a standard way.

Medplum supports collecting form data in a standards compliant way and using it to drive automations, enforce QA or ensure conformance. Forms can be completed by patients, practitioners or others, depending on where they are embedded.

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The Medplum Forms implementation is a very standards compliant implementation of the FHIR Questionnaires. It has the following features.

  • Questionnaire Builder: Medplum supports a Google Forms-like experience for building questionnaires. You can build your questionnaires on See a sample on storybook.

  • Questionnaire Library: Store and manage your questionnaires programmatically or on

  • React component: Add forms to your applications via pre-built React components. View samples on storybook

  • API and SDK: Ability to search, create and update questionnaires and responses via API.

  • Response Management: Automatically trigger emails, notifications and workflows after a user submits a form. View tutorial

  • Version history and tagging: Add metadata such as category or intended audience to questionnaires as well as track version history.

FHIR Resources

ResourceApp LinkCreate NewAPI Documentation
QuestionnaireView AllCreate NewAPI
Questionnaire ResponseView AllCreate via API or workflowAPI

Demos and Reference Material