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Browse Sample Data

The dataset provided demonstrates how to represent many common data types. Once the data has been imported you can browse it in the Medplum app. Click the links in the middle column to browse some of the data.

Data TypeBrowse on MedplumRelated Documentation
Patient DemographicsPatientMedplum App
Practitioners (a.k.a. Doctors, Nurses, Staff)PractitionerCharting, Billing
● Diastolic blood pressure
● Systolic blood pressure
● Body height
● Body weight
● Heart rate
● Respiratory rate
● Body temperature
● Pulse oximetry
● Inhaled oxygen concentration
● BMI Percentile (ages 2-20)
● Weight-for-length (0-36mos)
● Occipital-frontal Head Circumference (0-36mos)
Vital Specific ObservationObservation
● Tests
● Values/Results
Lab Observations
USCDI Guidelines, Observation, DiagnosticReport
MedicationRequest (a.k.a. Prescription)
ImmunizationsImmunizationCharting, Medications
Encounter Information
● Encounter Type
● Encounter Diagnosis
● Encounter Time
● Encounter Location
● Encounter Disposition
Charting, Billing
Allergies and IntolerancesAllergyIntoleranceCharting
Clinical Notes, for example
● Consultation Note
● Discharge
● Summary Note
● History & Physical
● Progress Note
● Consultation Note
Assessment and Plan of TreatmentCarePlanCare Plans
Care Team MembersCareTeamCare Plans
Goals: Patient GoalsGoalCharting
Goals: Health ConcernsConditionCharting
Smoking StatusSmoking Status ObservationObservation
Implantable DeviceDeviceAnalytics

We recommend looking through the tabs on resource page (e.g. Edit, History, JSON) to see how the data is represented. Below is a sample of what the tabs look like in the Medplum app.

Resource tabs