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PropertyType variable

List of property types. The list here includes additions found from StructureDefinition resources.


PropertyType: {
Address: string;
Age: string;
Annotation: string;
Attachment: string;
BackboneElement: string;
CodeableConcept: string;
Coding: string;
ContactDetail: string;
ContactPoint: string;
Contributor: string;
Count: string;
DataRequirement: string;
Distance: string;
Dosage: string;
Duration: string;
Expression: string;
Extension: string;
HumanName: string;
Identifier: string;
MarketingStatus: string;
Meta: string;
Money: string;
Narrative: string;
ParameterDefinition: string;
Period: string;
Population: string;
ProdCharacteristic: string;
ProductShelfLife: string;
Quantity: string;
Range: string;
Ratio: string;
Reference: string;
RelatedArtifact: string;
SampledData: string;
Signature: string;
SubstanceAmount: string;
SystemString: string;
Timing: string;
TriggerDefinition: string;
UsageContext: string;
base64Binary: string;
boolean: string;
canonical: string;
code: string;
date: string;
dateTime: string;
decimal: string;
id: string;
instant: string;
integer: string;
markdown: string;
oid: string;
positiveInt: string;
string: string;
time: string;
unsignedInt: string;
uri: string;
url: string;
uuid: string;