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Mantine 6.x to 7.x

Mantine 7.0 is a major release that introduces breaking changes. This guide will help you to migrate your application from Mantine 6.x to 7.x.

The main change in Mantine 7.0 is the removal of all CSS-in-JS dependencies. Mantine now uses CSS variables to style components. This change improves performance, reduces bundle size of the library and allows using Mantine in environments where CSS-in-JS is not supported (or supported with limitations), for example, Next.js app directory.

This guide is a Medplum-specific supplement to the official Mantine migration guide.

Dependency Upgrades

The first step is to upgrade all Mantine dependencies to 7.x version. In your package.json file(s), replace all Mantine dependencies with ^7.0.0 version:

- "@mantine/core": "6.0.21",
+ "@mantine/core": "7.3.2",

Replace Emotion with PostCSS

You can now remove all Emotion dependencies from your project. Mantine now uses PostCSS to generate styles, so you can remove @emotion/react and @emotion/styled dependencies:

- "@emotion/babel-plugin": "11.11.0",
- "@emotion/react": "^11.11.1",
- "@emotion/server": "11.11.0",
+ "postcss": "8.4.31",
+ "postcss-preset-mantine": "1.11.0",

Create a postcss.config.mjs file in the root of your project:

import mantinePreset from 'postcss-preset-mantine';
import simpleVars from 'postcss-simple-vars';

const config = {
plugins: [
variables: {
'mantine-breakpoint-xs': '36em',
'mantine-breakpoint-sm': '48em',
'mantine-breakpoint-md': '62em',
'mantine-breakpoint-lg': '75em',
'mantine-breakpoint-xl': '88em',

export default config;

And finally, import the Mantine and Medplum CSS files in your application entry point:

+ import '@mantine/core/styles.css';
+ import '@medplum/react/styles.css';


The createStyles function is no longer available in Mantine 7.0. Use CSS Modules instead.

// 6.x
import { createStyles } from '@mantine/core';

const useStyles = createStyles((theme) => ({
root: {
/* 7.0 */
.root {
background-color: var(--mantine-color-red-5);

This can be a time consuming change. To assist with the migration, consider using the mantine6to7 tool to automatically convert your createStyles to CSS Modules.

Other Prop Changes

Many components have changed props. Most of these changes are minor, but they are breaking changes.

For example:

- <Stack spacing="xl">
+ <Stack gap="xl">

You can find a list of all changes in the changelog.