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Sequencing Your Migration

When migrating data to Medplum, it's crucial to maintain the integrity and relationships between different data types. FHIR splits data across multiple Resources that contain References to each other.

To simplify the migration process, Medplum recommends migrating data elements roughly in order of the FHIR dependency graph. Here's the recommended order for migrating data:

OrderData ElementFHIR ResourceNotes
1Provider Demographics & CredentialsPractitioner, PractitionerRoleMigrate clinician information to link them to migrated clinical events
2Shared OrganizationsOrganizationUsed in multi-practice settings to represent each practice
3Patient DemographicsPatientFoundational patient record that will be referenced by all other clinical data
4Problem List, Medication ListCondition, MedicationRequestProvides clinicians current medical "snapshot" of the patient's health
5Encounter History, Vitals, LabsEncounter, Observation, DiagnosticReportProvides clinicians with longitudinal health of the patient

This order ensures that foundational data ('Patient' records) are in place before migrating related clinical data. It also attempts to deliver immediate clinical value by providing a patient snapshot, while backfilling longitudinal health data over time.

In the next guide, we'll discuss how to convert your existing data to FHIR.