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FHIRcast with .NET client

This is a guide for using the official FHIRcast .NET client with the Medplum server.


This guide assumes basic familiarity with git, Visual Studio, and C#.

Getting Started

First, clone the repository using git:

git clone

Next, open the TestPowerCast.sln file in Visual Studio.

Once the solution opens successfully, you can run the test application:

  1. Right click on "TestPowerCast" in Solution Explorer
  2. Click on "Debug"
  3. Click on "Start New Instance"

Run the TestPowerCast app

If all goes well, you should now have a running instance of the test app.

Connecting to Medplum Server

On the "Configuration Data" tab:

  1. Check "Use Existing Auth Token" (the built-in authentication only works with Auth0)
  2. Enter the Hub URL for your Medplum server a. Add "/fhircast/STU3" to your Medplum server base URL b. For Medplum cloud hosted: c. By default for running from source: http://localhost:8103/fhircast/STU3
  3. Enter your FHIRcast topic
  4. Enter your Medplum server auth token (see Auth and Identity to get started)

TestPowerCast Configuration Data

Next, on the "Subscribe" tab:

  1. Enter which events you would like to subscribe to (i.e., "Patient-open")
  2. Click "Subscribe"

If all goes well, you should see "Success" messages in the event log:

TestPowerCast Subscribe

You can now start publishing events to the topic.