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Client Credentials

The Medplum API uses standard OAuth2/OpenID authentication. The "Client Credentials Flow" is recommended for machine-to-machine access.

Obtaining Credentials

This tutorial assumes you already have a Medplum account. (If not, please register.)

Create a ClientApplication if one does not already exist. You can create a new ClientApplication on the Project Admin page.

For this example you will need the ID and Secret.

Connecting to the service

Execute a HTTP POST request to the OAuth2 Token endpoint:

On success, the response will be a JSON object with the following properties:

"token_type": "Bearer",
"access_token": "<YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN>",
"expires_in": 3600

The value of "access_token" can then be used in future requests for authentication.

For more details about OAuth2 Client Credentials Flow: