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Authentication on a Custom domain


This section is under construction.

Medplum supports using Medplum authentication, Google and other forms of authentication on third party domains. You can see an example on, with source code. The service supports connecting to the Medplum FHIR datastore directly, without the needing to proxy requests through a server.

Configuration Considerations

When setting up authentication on a custom domain you can "shortcut" some of the flows above because you can configure which Medplum project you want to connect to and which authentication types are required.

Using Sign in and Register React Components

Medplum has pre-build React components that support authentication and registration.

Read more here on enabling Google authentication on these forms.

Bring your own authentication

It is possible to bring your own authentication on a custom domain and use the same authentication method to connect to data in Medplum.

TODO: Instructions on how to configure BYO authentication for a project