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Founding Developer Experience Engineer

Developer Experience

About the Role

The mission of the Developer Experience Engineer is to establish Medplum as the standard platform for healthcare development through a combination of awareness, education, and community engagement. As the founder of the Medplum Developer Experience team, you will shape what "excellent" looks like for future team members and define the processes and playbooks for the team.

What You Will Do

  • Develop reference applications and integrations that showcase Medplum's power. Your creations will be the gold standard, encoding our best practices and helping devs build faster.
  • 📚 Contribute to Medplum's knowledge base through engaging documentation, guides, and tutorials. Demystify healthcare, health tech, and Medplum to hook developers make Medplum the most accessible platform in healthcare.
  • 🌱 Support and grow our open source community. Provide technical support and thought leadership to our vibrant open source community. Our community is our secret weapon, and we've only scratched the surface of community engagement.
  • 🎥 Create compelling content (videos, blog posts) to educate and grow Medplum's presence. To make Medplum the de-facto standard for healthcare development, we need to produce accessible content that cuts through the confusion in the EHR market and clarifies who we are and what we do.
  • 🎯 Shape the future of Medplum's developer experience by providing actionable feedback: You're the link between our community and our product – make sure we're always on target.

About You

  • You live and breathe community engagement and love building relationships with developers!
  • You have 3+ years of full stack TypeScript and React experience
  • You're an excellent communicator, with a knack for breaking down complex topics into digestible content, and have 2+ years of experience in a role that requires external communication
  • You're a strong problem-solver who enjoys diving deep into technical issues and providing best practices
  • You're based in the SF Bay Area, ready for twice-weekly in-person collaboration
  • Bonus: media production experience, health tech background, and/or an existing developer community presence. 🎥

drawing About Medplum

Medplum is redefining healthcare with our open source, API-first electronic health record (EHR) platform, trusted by leading digital health and life sciences companies. Our mission is to catalyze change in the healthcare industry by improving the access, privacy, and utility of health data. At Medplum, we have a unique opportunity to impact the lives of patients, speed medical research, and contribute to the open source ecosystem.


  • Competitive compensation package with equity
  • Flexible time off
  • Inclusive healthcare package
  • The chance to shape the future of healthcare tech – leave your mark on this vital industry

Join us in our mission to revolutionize healthcare. If you're excited about building community, creating impactful content, and driving developer success, we'd love to hear from you! Reach out to